3DS Max, Maya, Blender etc

Modelling basics

Head Modelling in 3ds Max – by Michel Roger

Body Modelling – By Arild Wiro Anfinnsen (Second Reality)


Photo real texture tutorials by Philip Klevestav

Complex materials in Marmoset by Joe Wilson

Alpha hair by Paul Tosca

Painting Hard Surfaces by Stefan Morrell


Pen productions tutorials

Gimbal lock

Rigging a Quad Bike in Max by Ali Ismail

A birds wing

Rigging a Bird wing in Blender by Jared Reisweber

Rigging a birds wing in Maya


Tips and tricks by Carlos Baena



Light – a detailed tutorial

Three point lighting setup

Mental Ray Volume Lighting in 3ds Max

Volume lights in 3ds Max

Self Illumination in Max by LeMarquis

Glowing Materials with mental ray (Max) by Florence Design Academy

Clay render

Clay render with standard renderer in 3ds max
Clay render in 3ds max using light tracer

Ambient occlusion

Ambient occlusion in Max by Ramy Hanna

Ambient occlusion with Alpha by Charanjeev Sawhney


How to add a zdepth pass for camera blur in Max


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