This is a selection of resources I find very useful in day to day modelling, I have tried to keep them in some sensical order!

Uv Map Helper

Refraction index of substances

How many polys per engine?

Cg Textures

Mayang’s Textures


Animation backgrounds

Character design resource with photographic ref

3D reference and blueprints

Anatomy for artist’s online courses

Figure drawing reference

Pose Space

Live Model Books


Fantasy poses

Anatomy for sculptors

Anatomy Tools

3d Total anatomy figure (i have one, rather good)

Bone clones

Body shapes

Human motion studies

3D Scans

Another 3D scan site

Armour designs

Zbrush classroom

Zbrush central

Zbrush brush set

Zbrush brush set 2

Zbrush matcaps

Photoshop Painters wheel


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