Opel Blitz – March 2014

Based on a WW2 German Truck. I was looking for a WW2 vehicle with enough design variety to be a challenge and the Opel had just that. I originally modelled a high poly, then a low poly cage in max before uvs and baking nm, ao, and lighting before dropping into Marmoset for tests while creating the textures in Photoshop. Its the first time I used Marmoset in this way and I highly recommend the purchase if you can afford (http://www.marmoset.co/) its only about £80 and speeds up considerably the flow of creating textures by being able to preview in real time the renders and updates. Eventually I moved it to max for final beauty shot, since I really like composing the separate passes which Marmoset Toolbar doesn’t seem to do (unless I missed that button!).


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