Busts – 2013 – 2014

I started my first Bust in October 2013 and have a large selection of reference photos to take from when I have a free day or two.
The first was Sherlock (October 2013), and although a good likeness, it was my first piece after Dwayne and has its faults that are becoming more and more apparent as I practise more. Oh the hair!
Next was Maggie smith (October 2013), a surprisingly good likeness and a piece I’m very proud off. It was so much fun adding all the wrinkles and character! I have been told although a good likeness it is not the most flattering of poses. This was the first time of trying to add asymmetry to a bust and a nice use of surface noise on the hat and top.
Then it was Idris Elba (October 2013), The face has a resemblance. But its really not my best effort. I may re try an Idris Bust at some point.
I try to go boy girl so next is Katniss (October 2013), The only major learning curve on this was the hair braid. I went through a tutorial found on Zbrush central for it. I really like the flow and composition of the piece.
Poirot (October 2013)! This is awesome. The end. (still need to work on hair).
Keira Knightly (November 2013). I had the idea at the beginning of this to create a smiling character, and I love Keira’s smile, so chose her as the subject. In the end I did two emotions, one pouting pose, and the other smiling. It was an interesting test but not sure the subject is identifiable in the piece. Love the back.
Jorge Garcia, or Hurley (November 2013). This came out really well, practise is paying off. Still the hair needs work.
Zoe Saldana (Feb 2014). I was so proud of this I decimated and put it in Marmoset after. A beautiful Uhura pose looking mean and feisty. A few new ideas were tried out and it came out really well.


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