New work update

I just wanted to share some recent client work with you.

I spent about a month or so on one project, a music video for Audio mainline.  It should be released next month, however they have made an edited trailer for it here…….

It was a fun project to work on, I used a variety of techniques to produce the results the client wished.  I will share some of the methods once the final video has been released.

I have also been working on a sculpt of a young girl for her parents.  I think it should be finished in a few more days and then 3d printed to sit where they desire in their home.  Again a lovely project to work on.  They gave me a minimum brief and free rein, and its paying off into a lovely pose.


Another one I finished recently was a book cover for a kindle book, entitled Empty Bananas.  The project only took 2 days, and I had the added bonus of reading a delightful book beforehand and visualise the piece on the cover.  Complete free reign this time to just go for it.  Very fun to create and experiment.


I’m also working on a number of personal project for my portfolio.  Ill show you some.  But I hope to have all completed by the end of March…

So first there is Laketown, just started….

9 boat6

Im also reworking my Princess Mononoke model


Making a 3d print of a Ballet dancer


And a super hero.

master1 2

And I just completed reworking the texture on my blade runner spinner


And created a low polygon version of my monster

2 3

So once these models are complete, a new demo reel should be up a week or so after (just waiting on the models) and a serious rejig of my online portfolio will be in order. …

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