Sinks and a little Trailer

I finished my low poly sink, a test into some ideas for hard surface sculpting, and it’s turned out quite well. Its about 1300 polys with flannel, bottle and soap bar.


Here is a quick rundown of how I created it.

I began with lots of reference obviously, then worked on the high detail version seen here. The sink was created using a dynamesh object with a few cuts from spheres and masked scaling. The structure comprised off a number of cubes smoothed and scaled.

view_1_2_maserAnd finally the texture was created using spotlight, and in some place standard masking with alphas and an inflate.

masterThis was then merged into one object and decimated to enable me to work on the low poly in max using graphite modelling tools. Basically using the surface of the high poly as a guide to create the low. I know Zbrush has topology tools but I do prefer and find it faster workflow on the low in max. I then uved it in max, and created the smoothing groups.

I took it back to Zbrush to project from the low, and had no end of trouble either getting the project all too correctly detail the model, or the final texture maps converting to the low poly correctly without stretching. Suv fixed some of the issues but more appeared. It became clear Xnormal would do the procedure a lot quicker and with better results. Ten minutes later rather than an hour projecting, the finished texture and normal map, cavity and ambient occlusion were ready.

I imported it into Marmoset for the final touches, creating the specular and gloss maps by creating base colours first to see how it affects the material, before adding detail, and finally correcting some normal map errors in Photoshop.

Here are some views with different skys in Marmoset.



Now the second thing I have been working on recently is a book trailer for my new novel. I created it mainly in Max, with animated writing, using opacity to hide and show lettering, and key framed animation. It was later composed with a pre rendered ladder scene to create the final trailer seen below. Enjoy!


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