Sinks, Mentors and Maleficent

I have had such a busy few weeks with my novel; I really wanted to spend some time back working on 3D. I also worry I am spamming people with so much news of the book and nothing of art or just other interesting info. So today it’s the sink and a few other bits and bats!

Taking a closer look at the texturing I worked on the base, marble, grouting and the sink itself, and finally the flannel. Still the taps, handles, soap and soap bottle, but I am taking it slow to try and get it as near perfect as I am able and improve in the use of Zbrush.

Here is a composed shot from Zbrush BPR render.


The base is rendered with the default Zbrush render (I always find it gives a nicer quality than bpr for the base) then shadow on multiply by about 50%, ambient occlusion doubled up and the second layer set to 25% then put the depth in the alpha channel, flatten or copy merged, then lens blur.

I am thinking of reducing the effect of the bump on the flannel a little when the textures are extracted from the final low poly. But will see how it looks.

With more practise I am becoming more proficient in alpha creation, and it can take just a minute to create some nice bump and mask alphas for things like wood detail or torn paint.

This will be the first of a new series of objects, to get better at asset design. I have a list of some interesting models to create at the moment that allow me to really get to grips of these modelling methods.

On another subject, I found a great article on mentoring in the industry by Jade Raymond (here). It highlights a problem many experience when working in house. We were lucky where I worked to have a great selection of tutorial DVDs for self improvement, but you do not know what you do not know. It would have been great to have that extra guidance and a friendly hand when needed. A Mentor just to say what I am missing. In fact when teaching I had the added bonus of a mentor and it makes it so much easier and helps to no end in growth.

I spotted a very interesting article on effects in Maleficent (here). Detailing the steps taken to produce life like facial animation in the film. It even has some superb animated sequences with the fairy’s and a comparisons to the actual actors facial textures. So incredible to see.

RD0126_final_quad_pub4k_v001.1001I actually never fancied the film, but having seen the work involved I think I will have to get it on blu ray.

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