Business cards, printing costs, and bookmarks

I have been working on some business cards today. I found a really cheap site that doesn’t seem to sacrifice quality for the price (which is surprisingly cheap), and am going to do 3 batches, one as Freelance 3D artist, another as Author, and the final a mixture of the two. I have ordered some samples from the site to be sure before I go any further, but I found it a lot easier than the last time I created some cards, mainly due to the templates available on the site in Photoshop format.

Here is a link to the site if you fancy it (about ten pound for 250 is an amazing price).

And here is my business cards so far. I am torn between round corners or square, but am thinking maybe round.

fbI will post up pictures of samples from the site when they come. I think the place is in the Netherlands so it may take a few weeks.

I have also created bookmarks to advertise my new novel. The finished idea is below. You can click on the picture to see it in full, with the blurb on the back.


Anyway have fun; I’m off to the theatre!


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