What do you bleed for?

Firstly I have finally figured out Layers, and it took me a total of one minute. I had assumed layers had changed in later versions but no, I had just thought layers were in the top menu, when that is document layers, and therefore in tools, there is another layers palette that is used for object layers. Stands to reason really. Anyway happily with that figured out I am going to look into morphs, and start the next bust tomorrow.

Also I read an amazing making off for Ryse recently, it is a good ten pages so you need at least a half hour to read, but it is so good. It gives great explanations of the use of Zbrush in the character creation process for the game, and even has amazing turntables, which I love, some of the characters look so real it’s incredible.


Lastly I read a wonderful blog post recently by Dan Luvisi. Please read if you have the time it is very motivational.


And a quote from it, “Every day you’re not practicing your craft or working on it, someone that wants it much more is catching up with you.”


All the best



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