You Shall not Pass!

I sent my first novel off to the editor last week so have been working on a new site and cover art for the book. There are still a few more things to work on before I unveil it but will post here once its up. For now here is some cover art of the novel, a children’s book called All for Socks.

cove39I had a little bit of a busy week, so managed a few hours working on a new bust, a male as I said before, Gandalf.

masterI think the bags under the eyes are a little too deep. It would be great if I knew how to use layers in Zbrush so I could dial back certain areas, need to research that more so will post with findings (I have read tutorials on previous versions of Zbrush however it appears layers has changed in later versions. I’m going wrong somewhere anyway!). Apart from that it turned out quite well. I think I have finally got the general grasp of hair creation in sculpture. I think if you use the dam standard brush to dig or pull long streams of clay about to form nice flowing hair, and for close detail use the standard brush with alpha 58, it seems to look ok. But go easy on this it can look really bad if over used or if the lines are crossed too much as I found.

Anyway that’s it from me for this week. Another female bust next. Possibly Whoopi Goldberg. But the hair will be another challenge! Dreads… hmm maybe a hat.

I may take on another project in the next few weeks for hard surface work in Zbrush. I really need to learn and practise it in Zbrush. I am told the tools are very intuitive. However after a life time of learning not to Boolean its going to be interesting!

All the best


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