First Post

Hi! Back in 2004/5 I was really struggling with my 3D and doubting if it was the right path to take. I was undertaking a Ba Honours at the time in Games Design, and although I loved the medium there were so many good artists I could not see how I could compete.   Somehow in a forum I got talking to a few people, who turned out to be quite high up in the field, and gave me a pep talk. My career has gone well since then; I did not give up, and worked at a games studio, taught 3D at college, and undertook a Masters. Recently I was even featured in a new book. Moments like these shape our lives and now I am going Freelance I want to offer a resource site for fellow artist, starting out or pro, who wish to expand their knowledge, my own pep talk for the fellow artist who might need it. As we all do from time to time.

So basically I am using this blog to show my work and help others who may be interested in 3D art and perhaps in kind they may help others, or if they have time give feedback and help me in my work. The blog has resources that I find invaluable (you are welcome to add more just send a comment). They, as with the tutorials section with tutorials from myself and from the web, will be updated on regular intervals when I find something useful. Please explore the blog fully it has a few Easter eggs!

I have been modelling for many years, however professionally only about seven. Taking up Zbrush this year has really opened the door for more fluid design methods, and it’s such a great tool to use. I highly recommended buying a copy. The updates are free after the first payment so it’s well worth it. I see 3D art as an evolving tool, there will always be areas to improve and new software to learn.

My next model will probably be a light bust, not sure who yet but will keep you posted. Practise, Practise, Practise. For now here is a recent model I did as a time lapse in Zbrush.  It’s Hurley from Lost with his own theme music (next time I will hide the UI!)

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